During 2018, Sea Surface Temperature in the Mediterranean registered the highest values ever recorded in many areas. Divers are reporting several areas affected by the mortality of macroinvertebrate species such as gorgonians, sponges and bivalves, which are continuously increasing.

During the last years similar mass mortality events were reported affecting large areas and numbers of species and were linked, as this year, to thermal stress.

The aims of this website are: 1) to inform on the effects of the ongoing 2018 mass mortality event (species, degree of impacts and geographic areas) and 2) to engage divers, diving clubs and scientists in the observation of the effects of climate change over all the Mediterranean Sea.

To do so, in this website we will inform on the last observations, provide protocols to report the impacts (or their absence) and different resources (photos, vídeos, documents) to suport the observations.

Red gorgonian - Paramuricea clavata

White gorgonian - Eunicella singularis

Yellow gorgonian - Eunicella cavolini

Cladocora caespitosa

Grey sponges

Violet sponges

Filamentous algae